First-Time CBI Applicants

First time CBI program applicants – please submit your documents as one (1) pdf  except your recommendation letters directly to Dr. Smith and either cc Tyrone Bullock (if you are a UMBC student) or cc Dr. Fletcher (if you are a UMB student). ALL recommendation and nomination letters, should come directly to Dr. Smith from the letter writer:

  1. Cover letter expressing your interest in joining CBI, please be sure to give your reasons why you want to be a part of the CBI program.
  2. Letter of support from your PI – this must include their agreement to support your efforts to fulfill your CBI requirements, including sending you to local, regional, and ultimately national and international conferences, as well as supporting your cross disciplinary training.
  3. Brief (one page) description of what your dissertation project/research is focused on, as well as potential ideas for your future cross training.
  4. CBI biosketch (see link for blank biosketch and an example below): NOTE: DO NOT CHANGE THE FONT OR FORMATTING!

Blank CBI Biosketch

Example CBI Biosketch

First time CBI applications are due in full by Friday, May 31st, 2024!