Current CBI Reapplicants

Current CBI members – please submit as a single PDF directly to Dr. Smith and either cc Tyrone Bullock (if you are a UMBC student) or cc Dr. Fletcher (if you are a UMB student):

  1. Progress report: please highlight any accomplishments from this past year (publications, cross training, candidacy, etc) by updating your official CBI biosketch (see links for a blank biosketch and an example below). NOTE: DO NOT CHANGE THE FONT OR FORMATTING!
  2. Your CBI end-of-year survey (see below).
  3. Letter of support from your PI (sent directly to Dr. Smith) confirming you are making appropriate progress towards degree completion as well as confirming their willingness to support your participation (and theirs!) in the program.

Blank CBI Biosketch

Example CBI Biosketch

CBI End-Of-Year Survey

Reapplications to CBI are due in full by Friday, May 31st, 2024!