Previous Members & CBI Career Outcomes

Past CBI Fellows and Members From The Last 10 Years:

Dr. Evgenia Barannikova

Patricia Boyd*

Dr. Joel Brandis

Dr. Luke K. Brewer*

Dr. Janae Brown (Baptiste)*

Dr. Andrew C. Brown*

Dr. Richard Brown

Dr. Evan G. Cameron*

Dr. Brian M. Cawrse*

Dr. Kenneth C. Childers

Dr. Alexandria Chin*

Dr. Emily E Chea 

Dr. Olesya Chornoguz*

Dr. Alecia T. Dent*

Dr. Lance Dockery*

Dr. Brandon J. Drennen

Dr. Amy Defnet*

Dr. Nopondo N. Esemoto

Dr. Megan E. Fitzgerald*

Dr. Jesse M. Fox*

Dr. Brandy Garzel*

Dr. Samuel Haile*

Dr. Timothy Hufford*

Dr. Miji Jeon

Dr. Monia Kabandana

Dr. Erin L. Kennedy*

Dr. Rachael Knoblauch

Samuel Krug

Dr. Therese Ku*

Dr. Brittney A. Manvilla*

Dr. Ramon Martinez III*

Dr. Ryan McDonald*

Dr. Johan H. Melendez*

Dr. Amanda J. Monahan*

Dr. Maraki Negesse*

Dr. Angela Nguyen*

Dr. Kiwon Ok

Dr. Jong Park

Dr. Lanyn L. Perez*

Dr. Hannah Peters*

Dr. Jordan D. Pritts*

Dr. Elizabeth Robinson*

Dr. Christina R. Ross*

Dr. Tonya M. Santaus*

Dr. Geoffrey D. Shimberg*

Dr. Danielle Schmitt*

Dr. Alex E. Sestok*

Dr. Courtney Sturey*

John Terrell*

Joy Thames*

Dr. Juan Valdez-Lopez*

Lindsay Verbisk*

Dr. Michael R. White*

Dr. Denise N. Williams*

Dr. Tyree Wilson

Dr. Mary K. Yates*

Dr. Stephanie Zalesak*

Dr. Sarah Zimmermann*

*Indicates former CBI Fellow

CBI Career Outcomes:

Over the 20 years of the UMBC-UMB CBI program, our program success rate and career outcomes have been measurably strong! More than 40 students have been fully supported by the training grant fellowships (and nearly 40% of those have been historically underrepresented), while nearly 175 students (ca. 50% of which have been historically underrepresented) have been partially supported by programmatic support. The program retention and graduation rates both average 97%. The career placements of former trainees of the UMBC-UMB CBI program have been equally as impressive, with former trainees finding employment in industry, government, scientific publishing, and academia. Examples of career placements include (but are not limited to):



Baruch College (tenure-track faculty)


Cal-State Fullerton (tenure-track faculty)

Cell Press


Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (APL)

Johns Hopkins University (tenure-track faculty)






Spelman College (tenure-track faculty)

St. Jude’s Research Hospital

UCLA (tenure-track faculty)

University of Cincinnati (tenure-track faculty)

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy (teaching faculty)


If you are interested in connecting with any of our past CBI members, please contact the CBI program director (PD), Dr. Smith.